Events 2018


            21st & 22nd April COLWYN BAY (battle)


            19th & 20th May TATTON PARK  


            26th & 27th May IRONBRIDGE      [battle]


            2nd June ACCRINGTON (battle)


            16th & 17th June WARTIME IN THE VALE


            11th - 16th July ILSE OF WIGHT 1940 EVENT


            6th & 7th & 8th July YORKSHIRE WARTIME


            8th July MOLD CARNIVAL                                  


            24th &27th July WAR & PEACE


            August PEEK RAIL (date to be confirmed)


            18th & 19th August LYTHAM


            September - VICTORY SHOW (date to be confirmed)


            September - OPERATION MARKET BOSWORTH (date to be confirmed)


            September - CHURNET VALLEY (date to be confirmed)









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